Inaugural Oak Tree Individual Fishing Classic 2021

Tanus Bot, Actuarial Analyst – Team Leader

This year we did things a bit differently and decided to leave early Friday morning so we could sneak in a fishing session in the afternoon. This being the inaugural individual fishing competition meant the top 3 places would earn prizes according to total bag weight. We were greeted by usual setting of being in the middle of the Pongola Game Reserve with crocodiles swimming right underneath our barge. We were also lucky enough to spot a rare black Rhino. You could have sworn you were on another planet (like planet Zarkon). 

One of the conditions of total bag weight was that it had to be the famous Jozini Tiger Fish and so you can imagine some of our fisherman weren’t impressed when they surfaced barbel (won’t name any names). The fishing this time of year was a little sparser than usual owing to the spawning season and the weather. Our skipper explained how the lake used to reach peak levels that haven’t been seen for the past 20 years as he pointed to a distant tree line.  

Only 4 of our 8 fisherman were able to snag tigers.  The competition was in the balance by the last day and the atmosphere was tense. One of the reels at the back of the boat started running, and Jason Coetzee (from Azriel Aviation Africa) managed to bring in one very healthy 3.45kg Tiger and take home the win. In 2nd place, our very own Colin Griffiths and in 3rd place Mark Joubert (Guardrisk). 

Memories were made and good times were had by all – on to the next one! 

Oak Tree Intermediaries Reinsurance Training

Shirley Naidu – Marketing & Events Co-ordinator

We recently held our second in-house reinsurance training at our offices. It was a half-day session, which we offered to our valued clients. Due to COVID -19 protocols, limited seats were available. Nevertheless, it was great to get back some normality to catch up with delegates, whilst we grabbed a cup of coffee. 

The Training was done at Oak Tree’s cost. The session was co-presented by a well-known Reinsurance specialist, Hayley Schell from Swiss Re. She focused on Basic Reinsurance – Fundamentals. Hayley spoke about understanding the Laws of insurance and also explained the basic theories of Reinsurance.

Hayley’s talk was followed by a presentation from our vibrant Analytics team consisting of Tanus Bot and Jenna Prinsloo, who spoke on Randomness and Probability and how it relates to Insurance and Reinsurance Pricing. They kept the delegates captivated by creating a spin board game with amazing prizes! 

The session was closed off by Gordon McKean, Oak Tree’s Managing Director. Each delegate received a certificate of attendance. Thereafter we broke for a meal. What is a good training session without delicious food?!? (and a glass of wine)?!? 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients for coming out and making our day a great success!  

The good news is that we aim to host these half- day sessions on a quarterly basis with various speakers on a variety of topics. 

Oak Tree Intermediaries is a proud member of the Insurance Institute of South Africa, therefore these training sessions will be CPD accredited.  

Stay tuned! 

Life, wealth and health

The veracity of data in the insurance industry

Equity vs Equality

As Women’s Month came to a close Cover Magazine alerted us to the contributions made by several amazing women in our industry,
sharing experiences and insights from their life journeys.

The feature, appropriately titled “Equity vs Equality” is filled with accounts of challenges, struggles, victories and lessons we can all learn
from on the road to embracing the full potential of women.

FANews - Reinsurance Mayhem

August Newsletter

Oak Tree Annual Fishing Challenge 2021

This year’s Annual Fishing Challenge turned into a Biennial Fishing Challenge following the world halting to the Covid-19 pandemic.

April Newsletter

Reinsurance 2021 – Brave New World

COVER Web Magazine - Feature

Gordon McKean 200x300Oaktree Intermediaries MD, Gordon McKean.

2020, whilst being a lot more punishing to many other industries, in terms of a drop in revenue, left us as a Reinsurance broker (relatively) unscathed, in fact, our top line grew! 

Don’t get me wrong – we had clients that were hit hard because of the lines of business that they trade in, and that certainly had a knock-on effect to us, but it was a year of survival of the fittest and a year that gave mass uncertainty to all. Some people say that if you made it through 2020, then your business is resilient, and has the “legs” to get you through just about anything. 

I believe that, now more than ever, the Insurance Industry needs to stick together (especially at times like this) and particularly, when it comes to the discussion around the latest Business Interruption debacle, and whether or not the intention of these policies was in fact ever made with the intention to pay claims resulting from a global pandemic? Furthermore, I believe that businesses need to take the approach of holding on to what they have, and continue to maintain their relevance and be constantly adding value, in an attempt to retain their client bases. That old phrase “what brought you here – won’t necessarily take you there” is more relevant now, more than ever before. 

Personally, here at Oak Tree Intermediaries, our focus for 2021 is on introspection, so effectively – what we are ensuring, is that internally, we have operational excellence to service our clients even better than we have in the past. Service and going the extra mile has always been a big thing for us with our clients, and we have brought on new resources, with specific aim of servicing clients in mind, and helping grow our top line. Long terms relationships are also crucial in our business, so by ensuring our relevance and making our clients life easier, should help us sustain this. 

This pandemic has made us all not take things for granted, so we intend turning our back office team into a well-oiled machine! We are also going to spend money on beefing up our marketing capabilities, because (like everyone else in the world) we want to grow! 

Another thing the pandemic has done, is, it has forced us to think outside of the box in terms of how we market ourselves and our businesses. Companies need to reinvent themselves and find ways to innovate and get their brand and product out there. Is a Teams meeting really enough? We all know that nothing is better than face-to-face contact and interaction in the quest to build relationships, however with this new strain of Covid-19 hitting South Africa, it is concerning that the number of deaths rose above 800 in the middle of January with more than 18,000 new infections per day. People need to remain responsible, and follow protocols to reduce the infection rate, and all of this puts a dampener on that physical presence in one’s marketing efforts. Enter Teams, Zoom and Skype, and don’t forget a good old phone call to lift the spirits! 

Now more than ever, we need to ensure stakeholder value through showing resilience for our businesses to carry on and continually find ways to build and grow throughout these hard times we find ourselves in, making sure that we adequately build capital, to ensure we have (more than adequate) reserves, to take us through the now and possibly even – the later. We still have some hard times ahead, but remaining positive and looking for that light at the end of the tunnel, as well as remaining relevant and value-adding, will see us through this. 

Onwards and upwards, bring on 2021, and best wishes to all!





In the month of April, Oak Tree Intermediaries hosted another instalment of the Oak Tree Annual Fishing Challenge. We were accompanied by some of our valued clients and we headed to the calm waters of Lake Jozini in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Lake Jozini is probably the best Tiger fishing destination in South Africa.

It is a challenge at the best of times trying to land a tiger fish but this year all 8 fishermen were privileged enough to bring one on board. The setting in Jozini is serene as it is nestled in a game reserve surrounded by a spectacular mountain range.

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